Sustainability: Biodegradables

At Earth & Water, we're committed to sustainability - and that means relentlessly searching for the most innovative and eco-friendly products the world has to offer. 

Presently all our products are either recycled, recyclable, or reusable. Many of you may be going 'that's great!' but our team wants to do even more, and that's why we're looking at a new innovative solution to our packaging needs - biodegradables. 

Biodegradables are the pinnacle of sustainable practice. Biodegradables break down naturally after their use and often contribute to the surrounding eco-system.

For example, the new Natural Sugarcane Biodegradable bags we will be replacing our Recycled Kraft Paper bags with soon will break down naturally if accidentally discarded, and can be composted at home to help you develop rich, fertile soil for all your home-growing needs!

Plastic can take up to 1000 years to break down in a landfill, and while our Paper is 100% recycled, it still initially requires trees to be cut down. These new Natural Sugarcane Biodegradables breakdown naturally, quickly, and are 100% compostable. Made from sugarcane waste fibres, they are also tree-free which means no trees were harmed in the production of these bags!

The result is a tremendously reduced carbon footprint, reduced consumption, and a much more sustainable, and ethical tea. 

Find out more about Earth & Water's commitment to sustainability here!

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