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    Healthy, Sustainable, & Ethical Teas

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    Impressive. Handcrafted. The Very Finest.

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    Lovely Fresh & Organic Teas from Jeju Island, Boseong County, and Mt. Jiri

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    The incredible world of tea.


Hello friends, and welcome to our pre-sale!

Use the discount code provided for 25% off your first order. Enjoy Free Shipping on us as well!

If we're missing something you'd like to order, or encounter any issues with the site please let us know!

Please be aware that these first pre-sale orders will take approximately two weeks to receive, put together, and ship! Once we begin normal operations, expect 2-Day Canada-Wide Shipping!

Our store will open publicly in several weeks - any public orders placed will either be refunded or held until then. 

Thank You and Enjoy!
-Earth & Water Team