Sustainability & Social Responsibility

At Earth & Water we are committed to changing the world one cup at a time. Creating a healthy, sustainable, and ethical world. 


Protecting the Environment

At Earth & Water we use the most sustainable and environmentally friendly means of producing your fresh, healthy tea. 

Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging is made of a combination of recycled, recyclable, and reusable materials. This means it has either lived another life, is capable of being reused, or both.

We are also currently transitioning from our traditional recycled kraft paper bags to Biodegradable ones. These pouches are currently on pre-order, so stay tuned for their arrival.

Biodegradable Tea Bags

Our tea bags are made of an innovative new biodegradable material, preventing our oceans from further pollution and enriching the soils in which future crops are grown.

Carbon-Offset Shipping & Sustainable Delivery

In addition to locally delivering orders by bicycle and/or transit whenever possible, we are currently identifying carbon offset programs that align with our values. Stay tuned for some exciting news shortly.

Renewable Energy

We're proud that all our energy comes from sustainable Hydro-Electricity operations based right here in the Metro Vancouver area. 


    Enriching Lives

    We live in a world that is far from equal. At Earth & Water we hope to change this, one contribution at a time. 

    Ethical Tea Partnership

    The Ethical Tea Partnership is a socially responsible program aimed at ensuring local producers receive sustainable profits. The Ethical Tea Partnership sets out a number of social, economic, and environmental standards for tea plantations. This has ensured that living standards have been raised, and that workers have access to improved housing, healthcare, and educational facilities. ETP also empowers small-scale producers by educating them on best practices, and ensuring that sustainable farming methods are utilised - protecting the environment and future crops. You will find a wide variety of Ethical Tea Partnership certified teas on our site.

    Fair Trade

    Fair Trade is an international movement that promotes increased standards of living for laborers in developing countries. The movement ensures that a fair percentage of profits for goods sold remains in the hands of the workers who created them. You will find a variety of teas from Fair Trade certified plantations here at Earth & Water.

      Charitable Causes

      In addition to our commitment to environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices, we also donate to a variety of charitable organisations. We strongly believe that success comes as a result of prudent investments, and this includes investing in our communities and one another. 

      As we begin appearing at Farmers Markets around Metro Vancouver, we will be asking YOU what charities you'd like us to donate to - so come check out our stand and let us know who you'd like us to donate to!


       The World we live in is changing. Let's change it for the better.