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Healthy, Sustainable, Ethical Tea


Earth & Water Tea Company was founded by a group of young, passionate, and innovative individuals in Metro Vancouver with the goal of providing you with healthy, sustainable, and ethical teas. 

Our team consists of tea lovers (of course!), engineers, designers, book-worms, environmentalists, and entrepreneurs. Our diversity allows us to be truly innovative in our approach and deliver world-class ethical & sustainable teas right to your door. 


Our tea is based on three principles:

Healthy - Our teas are made with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, with many certified organic options available. 

Sustainable - Our teas are eco-friendly, with our practices being rooted in the values of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. 

Ethical - Our teas are sourced from estates that reinvest in their people, and we actively reinvest within our own community.  

To learn more about our practices, check out our Sustainability & Social Responsibility page.


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